A Cabin in the Woods

My cabin’s name is Leroy. He’s not quite finished, but we’re working on it.



When my brother-in-law Ralphie offered to build me a cabin, we went to the library and checked out books about cabin building and looked at all kinds of floor plans. And I started a Pinterest board called “cabin”—imaginative, I know. Ultimately, of course, Leroy looks nothing like anything we saw in books or online. He is his own person…or cabin.

He’s roughly 500 square feet (my brother-in-law could tell you precisely how big he is). So he isn’t a tiny house—he’s apartment-sized. Small apartment-sized. I even have a guest room. And my bathroom is bigger than the bathroom I had in Illinois—because I insisted it be big enough for a vintage claw-foot bathtub.


To maximize space, I sleep in a bed “nook” which is off the dining area. The bed nook has storage above and below. There’s a little storage space in the attic. We went with a stackable washer and dryer and a tankless hot water heater.


bed nook.jpg
Behind this curtain is my “bedroom.”


While my galley kitchen is really narrow, it does have a crap-ton of cabinets. You know the wasted space above most kitchen cabinets? We put more cabinets there.



Ralphie is an artist. And I’m…eccentric? A gypsy? A bohemian poet? Something like that. After we started decorating, Leroy began to look nothing like a “Leroy” on the inside. But it was too late to change his name. Anyway, we put in some interesting features, just because we could. We scoured area antique/junk stores for some of the cabinets and doors—like my bathroom door, which I fell in love with as soon as I rounded the corner and saw it.

bathroom door.jpg


My closet door is a barn door that we found at an antique store called Rustic Charm (which is also where we found the bathroom door). And the wall of my closet is also a door—because, why not?

closet door.jpg


When I lived in Illinois, my mail collected in an annoying heap on the kitchen counter. I don’t actually have enough counter space to be this disorganized anymore, so I found a solution. It’s a mail box…for my mail. Clever, eh?


And I saw this Jackalope and fell in love.



In Illinois, I had a third bedroom that I used as a library because I’m a confessed bibliophile and book-buying addict. I had forty feet of book shelf space in my old library. Ralphie included built-in bookshelves in my living room and kitchen—about eighty feet of shelf space in all.


I did the floors myself. I have a deep hatred of carpet, mostly because of what my cats like to do to it. And the world is against interesting linoleum—walk into a flooring store. So much brown and gray. Why so much brown and gray? The world is a boring place. So I decoupaged my floors using mod podge and scrapbook paper. And lots of polyurethane. So far, it holds up well to both cat puke and urine. (Someone please remind me—why do I like cats?)


I was going for a bohemian look—or gypsy cottage, if gypsy cottages were a thing that existed. I think I achieved it, more or less. It’s not finished. I still need trim. And I’m missing some kitchen countertops—I plan to do an awesome tile mosaic in the kitchen. I’ll share pictures when it’s finished. And I have yet to decoupage the kitchen floor (and the kitchen walls and the kitchen cabinets—I have big plans for that little space). The bed nook needs some finishing touches, and the guest room is so unfinished I won’t even show you pictures of it. But the parts that are finished are super cozy and not-at-all boring. I love Leroy. He makes me happy.

 living room.jpg



2 thoughts on “A Cabin in the Woods

  1. This is all uniquely you. I also read the “goat farmer” blog. Sounds like it is all coming together. So happy for you! Btw, there is a “man” looking in your mailbox. To the left. See him? Perhaps he needs a name, too.


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