Everybody Loves Ralphie, Even When He’s Senile

My brother-in-law has this habit of leaving his wallet at home when we go places. He claims it’s an accident, that it’s not a ploy to force me to pay for his food. Tonight, as a result of this habit, I ended up buying groceries for the family’s supper. And, to be fair, I was going to eat it, too, so I couldn’t complain too much. I am part of the family, after all. I just prefer to be the part of the family that mooches off everybody else when it comes to food that isn’t breakfast. I supply my own breakfast. The chickens help.

We purchased supper—chicken fried rice, broccoli and beef, and eggrolls—at Walmart. And when I shop at Walmart, I like to scan my receipt into the Walmart Savings Catcher. They do my comparison shopping for me. If anything on my receipt could have been purchased cheaper at one of their local competitors, they refund me the difference. Apparently, soda is much cheaper at Target—but I don’t have to drive all the way to Target because Walmart gives me back the money I would have saved. I also get money back every time I buy coffee creamer (which is the thing I purchase most often I do believe). It’s a good little app, and if you shop at Walmart regularly, you should use it. It’s part of the Walmart app. It’s free. And pretty easy to use. It probably has more features than just the Savings Catcher, but that’s all I use it for.

It does require you to hold on to your receipt at least long enough to scan it in. When we got back from Walmart tonight, Ralphie carried the groceries into his house while I took some stuff to my cabin. By the time I walked next door, he had put the groceries away. I asked him where the receipt was.

“It’s in the refrigerator.”

“The receipt? You put the receipt in the refrigerator?”

“I’m pretty sure.”

It was not in the refrigerator. And that was fine—except I wanted my receipt—but at least he hadn’t put it in the refrigerator. Because that is a stupid place to put a Walmart receipt.

We eventually found it. It was in the freezer.



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