That time I was almost eaten by a werewolf…

We have a houseguest here at Beulah Acres, and our houseguest has a dog–which means we also have a yardguest. His name is Zeus. The original plan was for Zeus (who is a Big Dog) to stay with my little Ollie inside his fence. But, apparently, Big Zeus is a bit afraid of little Ollie. So Zeus is currently residing in my sister’s front yard, on a tie-out. He has a dog igloo, lots of straw, and a pile of leaves he seems to enjoy. Still–we’ll all feel better for him when he and his owner get their own place, and he can be a house-dog once more.

The other evening, Zeus started barking, big, manly-dog barks. After he finally got quiet, Ollie started barking his slightly-less-manly, medium–sized dog barks.

I decided I should maybe see if they had a real reason to be barking.

I stepped outside, armed only with my cellphone (and its built-in flashlight feature), to investigate. Something was rustling through the woods, back beyond the goat pens. The goats were being quiet, so whatever it was either didn’t concern them or had already eaten them.

I stepped closer to the noise, held up my cellphone, and squinted into the darkness. It was a loud rustling now, something big kicking up the leaves, and it was headed toward me.

“Hello? What are you?” I asked–as if the werewolf rushing toward me might decide to stop for polite conversation first.

It didn’t stop. Instead, it ran faster–directly toward me. I was pretty sure I was about to be eaten, although it seemed too small for a proper werewolf. Chupacabra, maybe?

And then it was right there, a black, vaguely dog-shaped thing almost on top of me, making more noise as it ran through the leaves than any mortal dog should make. Definitely some kind of hellhound.

Nope. It was Zeus. He had broken his tie-out and was dragging it behind him, hence all the noise. His entire back end was wiggling with joy at the sight of me. I patted his head and called his owner to come put his dog back someplace where he wouldn’t eat my rooster.

Needless to say, I was happy to see him. Mostly I was happy that he wasn’t some monster about to eat me. I was also happy I had taken the time (and a little chopped steak) necessary to make friends with him prior to this event.


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