What Dogs Do Better Than Cats

In most “cats versus dogs” arguments, I come down firmly on the side of cats. They’re easier to take care of. Smarter. Cuddlier. Cuter. They’re better climbers. Better plotters. Better ninjas.

I would even argue that they’re more loyal. Dogs give their affection to just anyone who is nice to them. Cats reserve their affection for one person, maybe two.

However, I must concede a point in dogs’ favor. There is something they do much, much better than cats. So. Much. Better. And that thing they do better is wear clothes.

Ever put a sweater on a cat? Suddenly, kitty can’t walk. Even if all you put on kitty is a Princess Leia wig, suddenly it’s as if his legs are broken and all he can do is soldier crawl.

Dogs, on the other hand, look really cute in clothes. They can sport a shirt like nobody’s business.

Check it out:


Zeus in his “Security” shirt.


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