It’s Baby Goat Time!

While I was out of town for an overnight business trip, two of our pregnant does decided it was time to have their babies.

My brother-in-law texted me one word: “babies.” Fortunately, I understand his type of shorthand.

Iris and Edith both had twins–unfortunately, three of them are bucks. A goat farm only needs so many bucks, and we already have a surplus (four of our five kids last year were bucks). So we’ll sell some kids this year.

But, in the meantime, we’re gonna play with baby goats!

Two of our babies are mini-manchas–my absolute favorite breed of goat. They’re spunky and full of mischief. They have ridiculous little ears that some people think are ugly–but I love their little ears. And Lamanchas love to give kisses.

This is Gabriel, one of the mini-manchas. See the little white wings on his back?


Gabriel is already my favorite. He loves the cuddles (and his mother is my favorite of our does, so her babies are automatically special to me).

This is Samuel, Gabriel’s brother:


Our Pygmy goat Iris also had babies–their father is a Nigerian Dwarf, so they are going to stay pretty darn small. Iris had the only doeling of the bunch. Little Eliza is the black one, and her brother Joseph or Ichabod (there’s an ongoing debate about his name) is the multi-colored one:



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