Why I Can’t Have Nice Things, Once Again

Her name is Winnifred. She’s an innocent-looking orange tabby, but don’t be deceived. She’s not innocent.

She’s the most destructive cat I’ve ever met.

Yes, she’s the one who once shattered my bathroom sink. That Winnifred.

Here’s what she did today.

See this sleeve?


My cats love these sleeves. They can’t resist playing with them, which is understandable. Heck, I love these sleeves, even though they’re impractical for activities such as washing dishes, filling up my plate at a buffet, or playing board games. They’re fun. They’re flowy.

And, according to Winnifred, they’re totally edible. Here’s what she did this morning before I even realized what she was doing:

torn sleeve

Admittedly, it’s not the most destructive thing she’s done in the last year or so since someone left her on my porch. It’s just the latest in a spree of destruction.

Good thing she’s so darn cute.


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