Missing my kitties

I’ve been traveling a lot for work, and although I do usually enjoy it, I always miss my cats terribly. I worry about them.

Here are some of the things I worry about:

  • What if nobody feeds them?
  • What if they get fed, but only once a day?
  • What if they get fed twice a day, but spend part of the late afternoon clearly able to see the bottom of their bowl?
  • What if not being fed properly makes them sad?
  • What if nobody cleans their litter boxes?
  • What if they decide to pee somewhere else?
  • What if they break stuff?
  • What if they find the stash of catnip?
  • What if they invite friends over?
  • What if the cabin burns down?
  • What if the zombie apocalypse starts?
  • What if they miss me?
  • What if they don’t?

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