Kitten Bowl V Is Almost Here!

Sunday is the big day! Kitten Bowl V is coming to the Hallmark Channel!

In case you’re not aware, there is something so much more glorious going on in the world this Sunday than the Super Bowl. The Kitten Bowl is the Hallmark Channel’s version of the Super Bowl, with cat-letes who go out on the field and give it their all. Such speed! Such balance! Such cuteness!

And each cat-lete is adoptable.

This year, the teams competing are the North Shore Bengals, the Last Hope Lions, The Little Long Tails, and the Pouncy Panthers. Because kittens are so darn cute, who could ever limit it to just two teams?

The half-time show will likely involve puppies. It did last year.

Here’s the thing about the Kitten Bowl. Besides the fact that it’s so darn stinkin’ cute, it also is the sort of event that restores my faith in humanity. The fact that it exists, that we can come together and pretend kittens play football–and all in the name of helping sweet little kitties find forever homes–makes me feel pretty good about humans, too. I love listening to the announcers call the plays. I love the player stories. My favorite this year is Peaches from the North Shore Bengals. He’s a sweet little orange tabby from Georgia. I want to kiss his nose.


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