Attack of the Mites

Pat, my often aggressive, dearly loved rooster, has mites.

It’s safe to assume the whole flock is infected. That would explain the baldness of the hens (I’ve been blaming the roosters).

Thankfully, mites are easy to treat. We went to Orscheln’s today and bought some Diatomaceous Earth.

And I picked up some garlic at Kroger.

I sprinkled Pat and his cage with the DE.

He looks like he’s playing an old man in a high school theater production. But it’s supposed to kill the mites.

And I put garlic in his water. Apparently, it makes his blood taste bad to mites. And vampires.

Unfortunately, because Pat is in my house, I will also have to treat my cats. Their shoulder drops take care of ear mites, and a mite is a mite is a mite, right?

And my tortoise Murphy–I will be rubbing her down with olive oil. That event will probably warrant its own blog post.


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