Pat’s trip to the vet

Pat went to the vet this week (it’s hard to find a vet who treats chickens, by the way). The vet thinks Pat’s leg isn’t working due to a neurological problem. He gave Pat a steroid shot and said if it’s going to work, he’ll be better within a week.

That was Tuesday, so it’s too soon to tell. However, when I was hanging out with Pat earlier, he seemed better able to stand.

Walking is still difficult for him, however.

One issue he was having was with the newspaper in his crate. Because he has to drag his left foot, it kept getting caught under the newspapers.

I decided that what he needed was a bigger paper, something that would cover the bottom of his crate without seams that his foot could get caught on. Some kind of paper that was as wide as his crate, maybe something that came in a roll, so it could be cut to size.

And that was when I saw the leftover wrapping paper from Christmas.



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