Ollie the Wonder Dog Almost Got Eaten…by a Cat

It’s been raining for days. Tonight, the rain morphed into an angry storm like David Banner turning into the Hulk. (Or Bruce Banner, if you know him from the comic books rather than the TV show).

Instead of hunkering down in his dog house, Ollie huddled against the fence. So I brought him inside.

The cats disapproved.

Ollie was completely overstimulated by the indoors. He ran like a fool. He chewed on some cat toys. He panted. And he tried to get the cats to play.

They were almost chill about it, until Aggie, my anxiety-prone senior cat, came out of hiding. Ollie barked at her playfully, poor naive pup. She puffed up and hissed– then decided to attack. In the meantime, Rodmilla and The Muffin Man freaked out because Ollie was clearly about to eat Agatha. Rodmilla hissed and growled.

The Muffin Man, who normally hates Agatha, sprang into action. He jumped down from his perch on the bookshelf and, back arched for battle, ran at the dog while Aggie used the distraction to run and hide.

I stepped in and saved Ollie (who was still wagging his tail. Poor naive pup.)

Fortunately, by then the storm had passed. Ollie is safe in his fence, and The Muffin Man is on my lap, protecting me from harm.


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