Video Chatting with the Cats

I’ve been on the road for a good solid chunk of the last month. The stereotype, which is a complete fallacy, is that cats don’t miss their people when they’re apart. I would feel much less guilty were that true.

My cats have been exceptionally clingy during my brief stays at home the past few weeks. And the trip I’m currently on has been the longest yet. This is my fifth day in Houston.

Since I don’t see an end to my travels happening any time in the next couple of years, I decided to look into video chat options for pet owners. There are systems that let you interact with your pets remotely, even allowing you to dispense treats from far away. These systems aren’t cheap, though, so before dropping that kind of money, I decided to test whether or not my cats even responded to me on screen.

Here’s the short answer: not so much.

They couldn’t smell me, of course, and smell is pretty darn important to cats. My chickens were more interested than the cats were, but (much as I love them), I’m not spending that much money to video chat with the chickens. They would crap on the screen, and no one wants to deal with that.

So I’m back to feeling bad for being gone all the time. If you have suggestions for ways to make my kitties feel comforted in my absence, drop them in the comments.


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